Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine Review

Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine
Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine

The Premier Cigarette Machine is a great machine to roll your cigarettes. This model is considered by far one of the best on the market due to its distinctive features, top benefits and ease of use. If you are looking for a reliable cigarette machine that can help you enjoy the amazing benefits of rolling your own cigarettes, the PREMIER Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine is definitely a good choice. Among the many premier supermatic cigarette machine reviews available out there, this particular review is aimed at showing this product in a new light, showcasing both its positive and negative aspects.

The truth is that many premier supermatic reviews will either present the amazing benefits of using this product or will showcase those negative aspects that make customers think twice before buying a new cigarette machine. This is why we are to committed to providing you with an unbiased review of this cigarette machine.

Product Features

The Premier Cigarette Machine has the following distinctive features:

– Allows you to roll your own cigarettes.

– Tightly packed cigarettes.

– Does not torn tubes.

– Long lasting.

– One year limited warranty.

– Titanium plated compressor.

– Rubber pad for increased grip.

– Front tobacco hopper.

– Injection crank handle.

– Adjustable for regular, king size or 100mm cigarettes.

– Weight: 2.5 lbs.

– High precision stainless steel parts.

– Cleaning kit.

How to Use it

Using this cigarette maker is as easy as pie. If you are tired of spending $5 for each pack of smokes, you should try this new product, which helps you make your own pack of cigarettes and save up to $3 per pack. These are premium cigarettes, taste great and are fresh.

In order to use the Premier Cigarette Machine, simply stick the paper tube on the filter at the end, load it up with tobacco and start bringing the lever down. You will notice that it clicks once, which is when the lid closes. You need to pull the lever until it clicks the second time. The moment you hear this sound, your cigarette is ejected instantaneously. You can repeat the operation without inserting additional tobacco. However, remember to pack the material towards each end and stuff it in there in order to ensure that each cigarette is packed good enough (you want to avoid loosely packed cigarettes).

Although you can use any kind of tobacco and any flavor, the best tobacco you can use with the Premier supermatic cigarette machine is the Premier tobacco. This type of tobacco is specially designed to work this machine, protecting it from jamming or wearing out in time. Your cigarette rolls will taste much better will have a persistent flavor. You can use three types of cigarettes: regular, King size and 100’s.


The Premier injector machine is undoubtedly a top choice, preferred by many avid smokers who choose to roll their own cigarettes from the comfort of their homes. This device is considered extremely useful and has a better rating than both the Powermatic 1 and 2 cigarette injector machines. Some of the benefits of PREMIER Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine are:

– Lasts long in time: this product is specially designed to last many years without breaking up. Some users have reported using it for a very long period of time, making over 10,000 home cigarettes during this period. Featuring a metal case, a titanium plated compressor and a durable crank, this product can last a great deal of time, allowing you to enjoy its benefits more.

– Very easy to use: after you learn how to use it by making a few cigarettes, you will be able to make your own cigarettes out of instinct. Usually, if you are fast enough you can make up to two packs of cigarettes in less than 10 minutes. If you smoke only one pack of cigarettes each day, this process of home-making your own cigarettes takes less than 5 minutes of your precious time.

– Does not torn tubes: many similar machines out there come with loose fasteners, so the tubes are being torn out because they are not released properly. Not with the premier cigarette machine. If you use only tobacco of the finest cut, you should not experience any problems whatsoever with this product. Many users have declared that they have not had any wasted tubes or “rejects” in months by using the PREMIER Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine.

– Warranty: the 1-year limited warranty gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens, your investment is insured. If you are not happy with this device, you can send it back in 10 days and you will get all your money back. This is the policy of most online retailers in the United States.

Negative Aspects 

The premier cigarette machine also has some drawbacks which make it have a 4.1 stars out of 5. Two of these are:

– Gets harder to pull: this device does wears in time if used on a regular basis and not cleaned regularly. After several months of use it gets harder and harder to pull the lever.

– Dangerous to use: make sure there are not any kids around when you decide to use it, because it might cut their fingers if they get too close. You need to use one hand to steady the machine and the other to pull the lever, so if one of your kids decides to stick his fingers under the lid where the tobacco is or near the cigarette lid, things might get ugly.

Buying Tips 

The premier supermatic cigarette machine can be found on many websites, coming at various prices and with different extra features. However, not all of these websites are trustworthy. In order to make sure you buy safe, we recommend you using Amazon. Only here you can benefit of 28% off, free shipping and several offers from various other retailers.


The premier cigarette machine is a great alternative to Powermatic 1 or 2 Cigarette injector machines. Also, it has a quality comparable to the well famed Top o Matic cigarette machine. Even if it has some cons, the PREMIER Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine is a good investment that will allow you to enjoy better tasting smokes over at a reduced cost.

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