Premier Supermatic II Review

Rolling your own cigarettes from the comfort of your home is definitely a better alternative, considering both the price and the experience, than buying a new pack of cigarettes from the shop.

This is a proven fact. Rolling tobacco features no additives or other nasty stuff. Ultimately, home-made cigarettes taste better, especially if you use a top-quality cigarette injector machine. One of the best cigarette injectors available on the market is the well famed Premier Supermatic ii.

If you are looking for an unbiased Premier Supermatic ii review, you have come to the right place.

An Amazing Update

Many people who used the Premier Supermatic I had a great sense of excitement and anticipation when thinking of the premier supermatic 2. They have been expecting this update for so long. The update was definitely a major upgrade which delivered splendidly. This absolutely beautiful piece of machinery, featuring a dark navy blue top sitting on a solid textured gray base, has exceeded all expectations. The bottom features a full length rubber pad, steadying the device and making counter scratches a less common problem.

The internal mechanism has also been upgraded, featuring a modern anodized brass colored finish, greatly improving its performance. The durability and reliability of this product is greatly enhanced because the internal parts have been designed using top-quality materials and a modern technology which makes them much more resistant in time. The premier supermatic ii cigarette machine has already proven time and time again to be ahead of its competition in terms of longevity and performance. There are hundreds of premier supermatic ii cigarette machine reviews online that prove that this product is easier to use than its predecessor and works much better.

While there are a number of top-quality manufacturers of cigarette injectors on the market, the crank style injectors from Supermatic are probably the best when it comes to make your own smoking. One of the best benefits of the premier supermatic ii – cigarette tube injector is that it can last extremely long without breaking. Its durable construction will not give in so easily.

 Tips for Using it

Every cigarette machine is slightly different, even if most of them operate in the same manner. If you’ve never had a cigarette machine before, rolling your own cigarettes might be a daunting task in the beginning. However, after you get used to it, things will become less complicated. Soon enough, you will learn how to roll the perfect cigarettes each and every time.

 The most common problems

– There is a loose space right in front of the filter: in order to solve this problem, make sure you have enough tobacco in each corner of the tobacco chamber.

– Your cigarette is either packed too tight or too loose: the tobacco has to be evenly distributed. Moreover, you need to ensure that there are no gaps in the chamber. Obviously, you will get a feel for this process extremely quickly as times goes by, because you will get increasingly experienced.

– The tube keeps being pushed off during the process: in this case, make sure the area around the machine tip (right where you place your tubes) is clear of debris and tobacco. If there is excess debris in this area, the premier supermatic ii will not able to get a “clean” grip onto the tubes.

– The tube is being torn or ripped apart during the injection process: this happens because you are either adding too much tobacco or it is not evenly spread thorough the chamber. For starters, add less tobacco while making sure it is spread evenly across the chamber. Then, try to add more tobacco until you reach the desired density. After a period of time, you will get a feel for how hard to pack the tobacco and how much to use.


Some of the most important benefits of this injector machine are:

– Save a Lot of Money: rolling your own cigarettes can save you hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. With all the Government additional taxes, the price of cigarettes has increased exponentially. If you smoke one pack each day, you are probably spending over $150 per month for cigarettes. However, by switching to cigarette rolling, you can save up to $120 each month ($25 for the tobacco and another $5 for paper tubes). Your investment in the Premier Supermatic 2 injector machine will also pay off by itself in less than two weeks.

– Extremely Easy to Use: everyone can use this device to make delicious smokes. After setting it up, you can easily make your own cigarettes. You can follow the steps presented in this video ( in order to make home-made smokes. Remember to avoid getting your fingers caught into the tobacco chamber when pulling the lever.

– Save Time: this device works smoother than other similar injectors, because it is made from top-quality materials and parts. All premier supermatic ii parts are specially designed to enhance the ease of use, allowing you to enjoy a much easier cigarette-making experience. You can save up to 20% more time by using the premier supermatic ii than by using other cigarette machine injectors such as Top-o-matic or Powermatic.

– Use Various Types of Tobacco: another huge advantage of this injector is that it allows you to try out several types of tobacco. There are hundreds of different models of tobaccos for sale in the US, UK, Europe and in other countries of the world. Most petrol stations and corner shops will have Drum, Golden Virginia, Amber Leaf or Cutters Choice. You usually have to pay $30 for around 100 grams, which can last you up to one month, depending on your smoking habits. While  Cutters Choice is extremely moist and finely cut, being specially designed for novice rollers, Golden Virginia is considered the best, but it is also the most expensive.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the premier supermatic ii from various websites, at prices varying from $40 to $55. However, we strongly recommend purchasing it on Amazon.

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