Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine Review

Powermatic 2 PLUS Review
Powermatic 2 PLUS Review

Do you have a bigger budget? Then take a look at the Powermatic 3 Plus with even greater ease of use and with automatic rolling functions such as loading the tobacco on. New! – The more compact Powermatic 4 with a larger tobacco hopper, based on the well-known and long-proven basis of the Powermatic 2 Plus tamping machine.

Make Cigarettes With Powermatic 2 Plus

Smoking is becoming more and more expensive and the rising costs are a thorn in the side of many. If you start making your own cigarettes, you can significantly reduce your investment in cigarettes. Of course, quitting smoking is the cheapest and healthiest way to reduce the high cost. Therefore, we advise you to stop smoking. The devices we sell, such as the Powermatic 2 Plus or the Powermatic 4, fill the cigarette tubes perfectly and make it easy to make your own cigarettes. The homemade cigarettes with a Powermatic stuffer are of good quality and indistinguishable from branded cigarettes you buy in the store. When you make your own cigarettes, you are actually doing the same thing as the machines in cigarette manufacturers’ factories, but on a smaller scale. You fill the stuffer with tobacco like the Powermatic 2 Plus, then set up an empty cigarette Huls and the Huls is perfectly filled with one simple action. You just have to take your time and then the savings will follow automatically!

Powermatic 2 Plus: Injector System

The Powermatic 2 Plus has a reliable and patented tobacco injection system. This way you can be sure that this tamping machine will always inject exactly the right amount of tobacco into the cigarette. This redesigned Powermatic cigarette machine also has a more powerful motor, which means that the device has fewer problems with larger branches and/or moist tobacco. With this feature, you can make your own cigarettes faster and easier every time.

Powermatic 2 Plus: Quality Cigarettes

Thanks to the innovative injector technology of the Powermatic 2 Plus, your cigarette tubes are filled evenly. This way, no tobacco is lost and no ash falls off when you smoke. The difference from factory-made cigarettes sold in stores is only noticeable in the price when you use this electronic cigarette machine. This device for making your own cigarettes in combination with volume tobacco quickly gives an advantage of 24 cents per cigarette.

How to save money on smoking

The rising costs associated with smoking cigarettes from the store are a thorn in your side. Fortunately, they are now definitely a thing of the past if you choose the Powermatic 2 Plus cigarette tamper. All you need are cigarette tubes and your favorite volume of tobacco for RYO. The empty cigarette tube is placed over the injector of the device, after which you can start making your high-quality cigarettes by pulling the handle. For once you get used to the device, you can make a cigarette quantity in less than 1 hour to get through the week. Hours spent making your own cigarettes is definitely a thing of the past. This gives you a significant financial advantage. Do not hesitate any longer and buy this Powermatic 2 Plus today!

Best kit for the beginner cigarette maker

There is no better electric cigarette rolling machine than the Powermatic 2 Plus. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy it for years and your investment will pay for itself in no time.

  1. This is the original model, not a counterfeit product
  2. Includes a 3-piece cleaning kit
  3. With a comprehensive instruction manual in German
  4. Delivery directly from stock, no drop shipping!
  5. 2 years warranty

Technical Features of Powermatic 2 Plus

Brand Powermatic
Modell 2 Plus
Voltage 100-240v (AC) 50-60Hz
Suitable cigarette tubes King (70mm), King+ (84mm) and 100mm
Injector technology Yes
Tobacco funnel Yes, for about 5 cigarettes
Collection Tray Yes
Notification jammed Yes
Cleaning accessories 3 pieces, Included in delivery
Power cable 1,5 Meter / Typ F – C7
Length 14,0 cm
Width 10,5 cm
Height 8,5 cm
Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 28 x 18 x 11 cm
User Guide Yes
Warranty 2 years

Customer reviews


Super great machine!! The cigarettes are absolutely even, are not crumby and the glow does not fall off. Stand chewed in nothing after. The delivery was also super fast. Thanks for that. Very clear buy recommendation for the machine and the store.


We have this model power matrix for 10 years, we are satisfied in the largest masses, would now like to order a new one, because ours is losing its power so slowly. L. G. Elke Beyer PS. We can only recommend this tamping machine.

Osasu Airen

Wau…I can only write positively about this great machine.
Delivery to Germany 2 days, very well packed.
The first use was a complete success.
Can only agree with the great reviews.

I am happy to have ordered this machine.


Package arrived 2 days after order. Goods well packed and protected in styrofoam against damage. After a quick look at the instructions, everything was quite simple and self-explanatory. As a beginner in the art of stuffing and thus without experience I was also a bit hesitant, because the product has so many positive reviews I did not quite believe it before. The amount of tobacco and the nature of it is crucial whether you get perfect cigarettes. I have experienced this myself, because it does not work at the beginning after the purchase. It takes patience in the beginning until you get a feel for how much tobacco is needed to get the perfect result. The first day I cursed and gave up after 30 cigarettes. But on the second day it worked much better. Am now really totally thrilled!!! The Powermatic 2 Plus itself makes a solid and reliable impression and is really worth the money. Accessories as described. Can fully recommend this. Also the store because of fast delivery.


Had doubted between the new Powermatic 4 and the Powermatic 2 Plus. I’m a beginner and didn’t really know what to expect, so I went with the less expensive Powermatic 2 Plus. What a great device this is! Each cigarette is evenly stuffed with the right amount of tobacco. Can really recommend anyone to start making your cigarettes.

Adam Lee
My name is Adam Lee and I’m the founder of Cigarette Gear. I always bring objective evaluation information to my readers and customers.